Cambodian Double Drawn Hair

What is Cambodian double drawn hair?

The best quality double drawn hair are made from Cambodian virgin human hair. Hairvn offers double drawn hair products ranging in length from 6 to 34 inches (15 to 85 centimeter). Every woman has different fashionable, you can choose short hair, shoulder – length, long hair and we are proudly able to serve all requirement of all hair lengths.

Double drawn hair

We are a famous hair brand in Vietnam because not only give customers satisfaction in our product quality but also emotional. Quality is the first priority when you choose to buy a product and our product always ensure the quality is natural virgin hair, no chemicals, healthy hair, glossy, no lices, no tangle, no nits… We commit 100% true human hair, if you discover synthetic hair we will refund and indemnify 1000 USD.

The best choice for you is double drawn hair

Double drawn hair was from the hands of skilled workers

There are several reasons why double drawn hair is your best option. One of the reasons double drawn Cambodian human hair is attractive with consumers because it is sewn from skilled workers at our factory. In addition to ensuring the best quality of natural hair, we also develop a competitive price strategy. The difference with all other manufacturers is that our factory guarantees the quality of double drawn hair, the durability of at least 1 to 2 years if you have good care of up to 3 to 4 years.

Double Drawn Hair

As you know, Cambodian women spend a lot of time raising their hair and they take care of hair with natural herbs, fresh lemon juice, coconut oil, use yogurt , olive oil, no chemicals for their hair. Every month the average Cambodian women’s hair will be about 1.5 – 2 centimeter long with the proper care, reasonable diet and minimal impact on the hair like styling bending. It would be great when you use the hair of a Cambodian woman, come to HairVN to get that. A woman looking attractive when using a long virgin natural Cambidia straight hair, natural black hair, big eyes sexy, dull skin and white teeth.

Product quality of Double drawn by HairVN supplier

If you spend a sum of money to buy but the quality is not good then no one will be satisfied. Branding is one of our top priorities and we want to create absolute trust for all of our customers. To build and create trust with our customers, we usually sell sample orders for the first orders only 0.5 kilogram to 1 kilogram and then you see that the quality of the order is good you can put the next orders. We always bring positive emotions when customers use our products / services, help customers remember the brand name HairVN, trust the brand and then become loyal customers.

Double drawn human hair

Women will be more magnificent if they choose to have beautiful natural hair. Why do not come to HairVN when you want to buy a long hair? And the most suitable option is 20 inches equivalent to 50 centimeter.

Tips for choosing the best Double Drawn Hair at cheapest cost

HairVN offers hair at wholesale prices

As you know HairVN is largest virgin human hair supplier with wholesale price in Vietnam from ancient to present. After many years of experience, HairVN have collected the natural Raw/Bulk hair of Vietnamese women and Cambodian women with the best quality and extensive network.

Skilled workers from HairVN system

The company is large scale, growing and expanding natural hair products to all friends around the world. If you want to refresh your hair please come to our company specializing in providing virgin hair with wholesale prices. Do not worry, our products are real human hair with many kinds of choices for you like natural raw/bulk hair, weavon hair, double drawn hair, fullest hair…

Cambodian & Vietnamese Human Hair

Variety of hair is made from Double drawn hair

Hairvn are always aiming for variety products of double drawn weft hair that are wavy/curly hair. Wavy/curly natural hair is also divided into categories such as Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Body Wave, Curly, Kinky, Water Wave. All these types of hair are exported mainly to South African and American countries.

Viet Nam Human Hair

Weavon Wavy hair are very cute for the summer because our hair is very shiny, not messy, no split hair. The wavy hairstyle is quite comfortable because it fits almost all face shapes. Wavy double drawn natural black hair suits the romantic sweetheart girl, whereas the color change will suit the girls who like the personality.