Cambodian wavy double drawn weft hair 8 inches

We are the largest wavy double drawn hair supplier in Vietnam. Double drawn hair very easily during use and styling. The quality of hair is handly collected from Vietnamese donors that are soft, unprocessed, no nits, no lies.

Description of wavy Double Drawn hair products

The advantage of wavy double drawn hair

HairVN supply all kinds of best quality double drawn hair at wholesale prices. Double drawn hair made entirely of virgin human hair, natural black, no lice, no nits, no gray hair. Hair is cut on the heads of different women. Cambodian and Vietnamese women take care of their hair very carefully and do not use chemicals. Customers can rest assured about the quality of the hair. Double Drawn hair has a wide variety of lengths that make it easy for the customer to choose. And all virgin hair is purchased in small, secluded villages. The virgin hair has not been pruned for years.

Cambodian & Vietnam Double Drawn Weft Hair

Compare to other hair types

Double drawn hair suits all the lovely girls. We supply all types of hair such as double drawn hair, single drawn hair, cheap hair, super double drawn hair and fullest tip to top. All hair types are of the same quality. The thickness of the hair is different and it depends on the needs of the customer. Double drawn hair has enough hair for one end. We diversify the lengths of hair which makes it easy for you to choose.

Why should you choose double drawn hair?

The origin of hair is clear

We have a lot of workers who specialize in buying virgin hair from villages. They have many years of experience in choosing the best quality hair. The remote villages in Vietnam have a lot of girls raising their hair very long and irregular cut. They never used chemicals for their hair, instead, they used natural herbs like grapefruit oil. They usually heat water with grapefruit peel and use that water to shampoo their hair.

Wavy Double Drawn Hair

Our hair is very natural, you will feel very comfortable using it. After we bought the bunch of hair on the workshop, the hair arranged in the same direction of the head and tail to avoid tangling. Workers with years of experience will pick their hair in bundles of different lengths. The length of the hair on one head is different so it needs to be re-aligned accordingly. Girls who love to use short hair, they usually choose for themselves the length of the hair is 8 inches.

You will have beautiful hair from double drawn hair

We offer a wide range of Double Drawn Hair products so you can easily choose the hair. Wavy double drawn hair is quite suitable for girls who like personality and charm. All our products usually used for at least 1 to 2 years. If you have good hair care, you can use it for 3 to 4 years or more.

Cambodian Double Drawn Hair

Wavy double drawn weft hair 8 inches is easy to use and hair care. Wavy hair is really handy and fashionable. Our hair can give you any style, different colors without fear of damage to your hair.