Cambodian Straight Double Drawn Hair Extension 24 inches

Cambodian Straight Double Drawn Hair Extension 24 inches is chosen by many salons, resellers, and factories over the world.

Cambodian Straight Double Drawn hair with the best quality

The origin of Cambodian Straight Double Drawn Hair Origin

Cambodian Straight Double drawn hair is a special straight raw hair from HairVN. Be familiar with Vietnamese hair, our collectors come to Cambodia to collect a big quantity of raw hair from healthy women’s donors.

The difference between Double Drawn and Single Drawn

You can distinguish two hair types based on the thickness. Each bundle includes many strong hair strands inside, so the hair length is the deciding factor. Because Double drawn has less short hair inside than single drawn.

As we know, hair grows on the head of a person of varying lengths due to the different growth of the hair. The average woman will lose about 100 hairs for a comb, but not to worry because their hair will grow back quickly.

Therefore, to meet the client’s need, salons, retailers can choose Cambodian straight double drawn hair. This hair type is suitable for the clients who have thin hair and wants the thinner at the end.

Straight Double Drawn Hair from HairVN

Cambodian Straight Double Drawn different hairstyles

Variety of hair types

We have a wide variety of straight double drawn hair so you will easily choose the right hair type for yourself. HairVN varied the lengths of straight double drawn hair from 8 to 30 inches (equivalent to 20 to 75 centimeters). In addition, straight double drawn hair is also used to make hair extensions such as weft, tip, tape closure. You can choose to add to your collection.

Beautiful hair for summer this year

Have you chosen the right hairstyle for this summer? Let us prepare for you a new haircut for the events taking place in your summer. This summer, you want to travel or want to date with your boyfriend, a beautiful hair will make you more confident.

Cambodian Straight Double drawn hair will help you look very young, dynamic like a Cambodian girl in this summer. The hair makes you feel comfortable and not overheated in high-temperature climates. The straight double drawn long hair and a dress are the perfect combinations. Or you can combine short jeans with double drawn short hair which is also very feminine. Do not forget the light makeup on your face, it will help you look perfect when combined with the double drawn hair.

The best vendor for Cambodian straight double drawn

Customer care services from HairVN

HairVN has more than 20 years of experience in hair development. HairVN is the most famous brand in Viet Nam today and has a tendency to expand into the international market. From the beginning, we focus on supplying the best quality of hair.

Our factory

All our hair products are handmade, not made by machine. Cambodian straight Double Drawn hair is made from high tech workers. We are increasingly developing and expanding our production scale. In addition, to produce high quality, we also have good customer service. HairVN is always ready to answer all your questions or concerns about the product and provide customers with the best price.

HairVN advertises products on all social networking sites like Facebook, VK, Pinterest, google plus to make it easier for customers to search our products. We always provide full phone numbers, Whatsapp, Viber, Line so customers can connect directly. On occasions, we also often build promotions or small gifts to send to all the customers who use our products.