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Cambodian hair is famous for its beauty and strength

Beautiful virgin hair from culture

As being famous during the long history, Cambodian hair was widely preferred for its long, soft, slick and charming hair. From a young age, your girls have learned how to take care of their hair the best. In Cambodia, good climatic conditions favor the development of the woman’s hair and make be very soft and natural color. They have very special hair care and somehow differs from women in other countries.

The natural beauty of Cambodian lady with long hair

Natural herbs tribute to natural hair

Natural herbs like coconut and lemongrass make the hair natural

They often brew their hair with different types of essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, butter oil, natural herbs which are easily found in the nation. Absolutely no chemical, naturally makes the hair become really strong, no tangle, but smooth and soft, easy to restyle. That is the reason why we always have beautiful bundles of virgin human hair for sale to our dear customers.

Bulk Cambodian Virgin Hair in HairVN store

Purchase Cambodian hair with factory price

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If you are looking for a best, abundant and most competitive price source of human hair, HairVN could be the best suggestion. We are the one of largest Cambodian virgin hair supplier in the international market today. We specialize in providing hair for salons, factories, resellers at wholesale prices so it attracts a lot of customers around the world.

Office of HairVN

Customers choose and love HairVN products because we always offer the best virgin hair, and our products satisfy all the customers fastidious. HairVN received the thanks and positive feedback from our old customers that made us feel very happy and proud.  Any woman would like to own a beautiful natural hair and we can bring it to you.

How we collected and distributed the best hair to the world

HairVN company specializes in providinCambodianan virgin human hair, operates in two 7-story buildings and factories as well as many workshops in Vietnam. When you visit our factory, you will see the floor filled with curls.

One of many workshops from HairVN system to collect and store tons of Vietnamese and Cambodian hair

We have workers who use bicycles or motorbikes to travel around the village looking for virgin human hair. They have years of experience in the procurement of virgin human hair with the best quality, no mess, no lice, no nits, no tangle, 100% natural human hair, no chemical.

Long history hair supplier with trust

Our company was established 20 years ago, so we have experience from collection to production hair. After the workers carefully selected the Cambodian women’s hair will be brought back to the workshop to carry out the next steps.

HairVN office and main factory complex

The company encountered many difficulties when newly established but now HairVN has become the most famous brand in the Vietnam hair market. We always provide best quality human hair at wholesale prices to all customers. The company is growing stronger, we have loyal customers who only choose to buy our hair when using our first sample orders.

We are gradually expanding the market, developing network sales through all channels such WhatsApp, line, Viber to reach closer to customers worldwide. We are also the Gold member of Alibaba for supplying the best quality hair products and direct sales to customers, not through intermediaries.

Online support to be awake with the world

We build competitive pricing strategies because we have the advantage of being the producer. And we direct seller of our product to the customers. Currently, we are also advertising all the virgin hair products on social networking sites like Facebook, VK, Pinterest and major international hair forums.

Having a straight virgin hair is a great thing for all of our sweet customers. You can easily create different hairstyles. Of course, we have varied lengths of virgin hair to help you make more choices, hair lengths of 8 to 30 inches (equivalent to 20 to 75 centimeters).

It is interesting to own a short, strong and shiny hair. Then look at you is a very attractive girl and personality. Besides, there are many lovely girls who want to own a long hair because they will look very faithful, elegance, graceful. It is difficult to describe the beauty of the girls using our hair products.

Our virgin hairs can last from one to two years and maybe more if you have good care. Remember to clean your hair once a week, do not dry your hair directly in the sun, not exposed to the wind. The birth of virgin human hair saves you a lot of beauty time. Now, you will have a new look radiant without sitting half a day in the salon.

The hair of our company offers a very easy recovery because it is natural hair, you can use the hair conditioner to help the hair into the folds. You do not have to go to the salon, not the effects of heat or chemicals but still own a beautiful hair come to HairVN.