About us

Shocking Facts:

  1. Do you know that 80% of online buyer generally and more than that number of hair buyer have been cheated once online? (Source: Alibaba convention meeting 2017 December)
  2. Most of the hair reseller, hair salon and even hair factory purchasing department cannot distinguish single, double drawn hair, remy or non-remy hair at the first sign
  3. Most of the people don’t know exactly how about the full (same length) hair inside the bundle they just purchased à They don’t even know the hair they just bought is cheap or expensive truly
  4. Most of hair vendors have to arrange most of the thing when coming to another country to buy hair (especially the first time vendor) from the air ticket, visa to hotel booking and taxi, travel, currency, language… everything.  We understand that trouble as we traveled all around the world for trading hair, even for coming the same country many times, issues still be issues.
  5. Most of the hair vendor has been reported problem shipping and payment even when they get the hair they want, then finally they cannot purchase at the final stage.

    A big question for all hair buyer!!!

Understand all of those troubles that you might already face or will be faced in near future, we are here to support you, help you, cooperate with you in this giant  hair industry in the the world.


HairVN – The largest raw, bulk, weft and hair extension manufacturer in Vietnam for more than 2 decades

Mission – Core value

Not only to make benefit and earning money, our ultimate mission and core value which make us the largest today is to put the true value and real quality of the hair in top position. With HairVN, among a market with lots of hair vendors and lost of different hair type, we choose to be the one who brings the good hair at a reasonable price, factory price to customers.

We don’t mind explain clearly about how we process the hair, how we collect hair from Vietnam or Cambodia and other countries. We differentiate by providing only REMY hair no mix, absolutely no synthetic hair at all. We rather spending time take care the customer and improve our process to improve the quality of the hair and save the expense than solving the problem caused by bad hair quality for customers.

We are looking forward to cooperation with you

Thank that, we now have the good base of the customers which you can refer to the testimonial mentioned below. For past 20 years and next coming, we will keep the same core value of bringing the true hair true value to the customer and give the best of Vietnamese to the world – not only the hair but also the customers services.

Our base and location

We located in Bac Ninh, you can google map “HairVN.com” to locate exactly where we are. Unlike other companies in this industry, they show only the representative office as they are the trading companies. We proud to introduce you the office building and the main factory in the google map itself.

HairVN office and main factory complex

All the time we can share the camera view to your too see how our workers preparing our order real-time 24/7 non-sleep.

We are 15km (20 mins driving from Hanoi capital center) and 12km (15 mins driving) from Noi Bai airport. This best place let us to:

  1. Pick up customer from the airport quickly and easily
  2. Transport your hair safe and in time to export
  3. Take care when you are staying in the capital (most of the customers come to Vietnam choose to stay in the old-quarter, please read our blog of travel to Vietnam to see some good suggestion for hotel booking)
HairVN.com company map – very convenient

Factories & workshops

We have total 2 main offices located in Bac Ninh, 1 factory (process and store tons of raw, bulk and weft hair) and 4 more workshops (one for making closure, one for making color, one for making extension and one for steaming, drying, packing). All are close to the main office which is pointed in google map.

Many of our factories and workshops over the country to serve you the best

We have 1 store located in Ramkhamhaeng street in Bangkok, Thailand, especially to serve the customers who can not arrange time to come to Vietnam, to collect the Cambodian hair from the province close to Thailand border. Many customers from Russia, Ukraine and nearby choose to take hair from here.

Our team

We have senior team of worker who understand hair like their life, who control the input, selecting the best hair from donor. Our hair quality to be the best like today is mostly up to their 20 years + experience in the field.

We have young and enegertic team of sales and marketing which always lively support you 24/7 from all over countries in the world

You can see the detail in the hierarchy:



HairVN company structure.

Our Reputation and Trophies

Best Factory of the year, many trophies for our contribution and support to society

Why should you buy remy hair from us

  1. Our Portfolio match to customers
  2. As we are the largest and one of the longest history in Vietnamese hair industry, we bring more benefit to customer
  3. Best hair quality at the same price level
  4. Diversity of products portfolio
  5. Able to customizing from hair length, hair style, price to even label
    Many trading companies can not customize the order, as they book the manufacturer in the same hair categories they will be hard to change and control the price and their benefit
    Only the manufacturer with ability to calculate and balance the worker can customize the hair for all customers

Customers come from various countries

With years of customers serving we are familiar with

  1.  Hair consumption habit of each country each zone to give the best suggestion and fastest preparation not only for hair preparation but also payment, shipping. As each countries has different difficulty in converting money, or shipping, document requested  by customs
  2. Culture of customers to serve them better, we’ve worked with all religions from Christian to Islam… We understand well about customers even to their diet, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, praying time… to make the best arrangement during the time they travel to Vietnam
Customers from all over the world satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Our best hair and services have been well noted and recorded by lots of good feedback from customers all over the world

All documents/ Certificated provided

Each and every country, zone, terrorities  have its own request for the hair certificate, we are able to fulfill all required document for hair in order to ship your hair to your doorstep

  1. Fumigation certificate
  2. Health care check human safety certificate
  3. CO – certificate of origin
  4. Other documents requested by customs (Packing list, history, booking order…)
  5. Special documents to pass by red lane or other cases
  6. For some good economical relationship country with vietnam government, we even can prepare the special invoice to let you down the tax or eliminate the tax. That maximize your earned money and make you be stronger at the competitiveness

You can absolutely feel free with all of our care

All documents are provided in each and every order

Products portfolio:

Raw hair/ Bulk hair

  • Full hair – Same length hair:

    Best hair quality, 95-100% full hair same of length inside bundle, no short hair inside, full tip and top. Absolutely thick end. Suitable to the reseller, manufacturer and salon

  • Super Double Drawn hair:

    with 85% full same length hair inside, beloved and best choice for USA, UK, Russian, UEA zone and Brazillian customers

  • Double Drawn hair:

    contains around 50-60% same length hair inside, thicker top and be a very economical option for resellers from Russia, South America, Africa and Thailand.

  • Single drawn hair (Cheap hair):

    Natural human remy quality has less long hair than Double Drawn, contains around 30% full length hair, cause the tip is quite thick and top of hair bundle is thin. This is very cost saving choice for customers from many areas.

  • Customizing hair:

    We can produce based on the description from customers or ratio of hair given by customer (which the trading companies hardly follow)

    • Real sample provided by customers (we can analyze for you and produce exactly like the sample which have the signature from both sides)
    • Best hair in the same price given by customers, you give one price which you calculate then we based on that to give you the best hair among others.

Weft/ Weaving hair

Different weft types and price is weaved/ sewn from raw hair with 4 types aboves. We ensure the weft line be strongest, finest, longest durable, can last for more than one year.

We can customize the order like you preferences and requirements.

Hair extension

Clip in hair extension:

Clip in made with highest skill labor, standard to be 100gram/1set. Easy to customized by customer to add how many pieces and how long of the hair and how many of the clips.

Pre-bonded Hair extension (I – U – V tip, flat tip hair extension):

Ensure the best quality with 100% human remy hair, thick ends, full tip and made with 100% imported Italian and German keratin.

Tape Hair:

Very thin tape with best hair, last for longest time, thick end and easy to install.

 Lace Closure:

All size for customers selection: from 2 x 4”, 4×4” to 5×5”… could be varied by your desire, nesh and knot are promised to be strong, no shedding, no tangle.

 Lace Frontal:

13×4” 14×4”, baby hair in front to mimic exactly real human natural hair look, no red hair, no tangle or shedding. Free style of density to control the weight of the frontal. Standard density is 130%

Special hair request:

Virgin hair – single donor:

Pony tail hair directly collected from ONLY 1 girl for 1 bundle, this is perfect to make the color hair (bleaching and dying to maximum color #1200), and other use due to the hair is absolutely unfirmity as coming out from one head merely.

Curly wavy steamed:

We have light wavy and curly natural hair from Vietnam and especially Cambodia. For deep, kinky wavy and curly hair, HairVN apply the steaming method to re-style the hair. Hair which is treated by steamed method by us would last for at least one year.

Gray hair:

Natural gray/grey color with thin fibre would let you effortless dye the hair into any color code, maximum to #1200 easily. The hair is carefully selected and removed out all the bad/weak hair, to get the best return for the customers.

Thin hair/ Baby hair:

The hair collected from very beautiful young lady, best of best hair, normally hunted by rich of experienced buyer, limited source. Always inform us for the availability, we would inform you immediately when the hair is ready for you.


Our capacity:

We are with high capacity of making hair and can save your time waiting for your order to be minimum:

Test order <5kg:

1 day max after money received

Bulk order:

+ Up to 3 tons raw, bulk hair/ month, 100kg/day

+ Up to 1.5 ton of weft hair/ month, 50kg/day

+ Up to 6000 pieces of lace/ closure/ frontal per month, 20 pieces/days

HairVN.com – most reliable and reputable partner

All hair should be:

  1. 100% virgin, remy, real human hair
  2. 100% natural hair, full cuticle, no chemical, no processed, just wash with shampoo and dry naturally
  3. 100% remy hair same direciton of cuctile, no tangle, no shedding
  4. Skilky, smooth, strong and healthy hair from selected women
  5. Best customers services


FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

About the Hair:

Compare hair quality, more detail and real picture/clip real time to let you select the best and most suitable hair for you

About the Factory

Where we are, detail about our factory, live video camera about our people working in factories

How to make an order

All questions and answer of step by step making order and warranty, returning and other notes

Other question:

All aspect about hair comparison, hair industry and culture