10 inches Natural Curly Cambodian Weft Hair for Double Drawn

Natural Curly Cambodian Weft Hair for Double Drawn which is chosen by many clients worldwide. Cambodian weft hair extensions are sewed carefully by high skilled workers from HairVN
Curly Wavy Double Drawn Hair

Cambodian double drawn weft hair – the best quality

Long-time history

With many years experience, we provide the product of best quality to all customers on the worldwide. When our wholesale customers look to buy Wavy/Curly Cambodia hair and they are always looking for the biggest hair suppliers. They have chosen our products because we always provide the most competitive price and top quality in Vietnam.

With our experience we have collected virgin human hair from Cambodian women, they have very long and natural black hair. All stages of making hair Raw/Bulk hair bundles are handmade by highly skilled workers.

For weft product, we use sewing machines but also made from the hands of skilled workers. Our hair has no chemicals, no synthetic substances and it is pure natural hair.

Cambodian hair quality is the best

Having Cambodian hair is a great thing for all my lovely customers. Cambodian women have seductive skin, thick and silky hair that captivates all eyes. They take care your hair in different ways and use natural hair care ingredients such as avocado, oil, herbs. These ingredients help the hair not only moist, soft, shiny, moisturizing intensive hair but also nourish scalp health, reduce the split.

From ancient times, the Cambodian woman believed in the gods, they always chose the hair cutting cycle based on the moon.

Curly Double Drawn Hair

Different hairstyles for wavy, curly hair

Variety of Curly Hairstyles

All Cambodian virgin hair is bought purely natural hair and carefully chosen so it is easy to style the hair. We offer a wide variety of hair types such as Raw bulk, weft, closure hair and other hair extensions. Besides, There are different types of weft hair like Straight, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Body Wave, Curly, Kinky Curly. All kind of Wavy / Curly Hair is trendy hairstyles in 2018 and loved by many people worldwide. Our diverse products for the purpose of hair will have more choices to customers because everyone has different preferences.

The diversity of hair length

On the other hand, we also offer hair with different lengths like 8 to 28 inches (the same 20 to 70 centimeter). People choose their hair length is 10 inches (the same 25 centimeters) of Wavy/ curly Cambodia hair, they are the girls love the personality. The length of the hair that most people choose is still 16 inches (the same 40 centimeters) because it fits with all the cute girls and their physique.

You are taking a lot of time to find a Cambodian virgin human hair – no mix, no chemical with the best quality and price. Come to Hairvn we offer hair for you at the best wholesale price. Currently, the trend of using a curly hair is increasingly favored by young girls.

It’s great when you use a soft curly hair that is made from the hands of skilled workers. You not only attract your man by a lovely face but also with a naturally curly hair. You will look much younger than the age when using a short hairstyle wavy natural human hair 10 inches combined with a white dress. A curly hair with a little over shoulder length will show off the sexy back.

Curly weft double drawn hair

There are many suppliers on the market today

You are careful with the scammers

At present, there are many hair suppliers in the market but you should be careful with the scammers. There are people who offer hair in Cambodia for a very cheap price, so you should consider it because it can be faked from all kinds of animals. The scammers are those who do not have a brand in the market, do not have a website, and do not show you the factory through a live video call.

Maybe the scammer used to take your money or sell you poor quality hair, not human hair. Therefore, choosing the best quality supplier is extremely important. We believe that you are always a smart customer and know how to choose the best supplier for the wholesale price.

Customers can directly view the workshop of HairVN

When selling products, we want to give all our customers an absolute sense of security because we can call live video for you to observe the factory. The products we advertise are our real products at the factory and we offer advice for you to choose the best. We really want you to be the buyers of our products and stick with the company for a long time.

One of the workshops in HairVN system