Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair super high quality

Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair is already a very special product. But now the lace closure is no longer so simple with a color or natural color. This product has been more elaborately designed with an impressive ombre style! The lace closure ombre hair will surely satisfy any demanding customer.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading hair manufacturers in Vietnam. We ensure that we can provide the best Vietnamese lace closure hair that made from 100% human hair.


Do you know about lace closure hair?

What is Lace closure hair?

Lace closure hair is a hairpiece with thousands of knot made by clever hands of highly skilled workers. The one by one hair strand will be knotted into the mesh. The mesh of lace closure hair is in the size and color (see the picture below).

Mesh is the important factor as it attaches directly to the head, it should be thin, and the same color as the hair. The net in the mesh also gives the important base of the hair to be knotted. Hence, the size of the net hole should be suitable and must be strong. The thinner the mesh the better. The best mesh should come from Switzerland, Germany, Italia, and the USA.

The material hair to make the lace closure hair must be the Remy 100% human hair. The Remy hair will make the great impact on the overall whole lace closure.  We ensure 100% human Remy hair in each and every products we produce, not only the lace closure and frontal. Our lace closure hair is really smooth, no lice, no shedding and without toxic chemical.

Lace closure hair is one of the most time-taking products in the hair industry, as no machine could be involved. The makers must make it just with a special meticulousness and the patience. Normally, to make a perfect lace closure and frontal, a worker must have the experience of making more than 1000 pieces, equivalent to 3 years of experience.

Size of the lace closure

The size really matters, Hairvietnam.com serves all sizes of the closure to serve all requirements from 2×4” mesh size to 4×4”, 5×5” and 13×4”. We also make a size based on the customer's requirement.

The advantages of lace closure hair

  • 100% human hair, no animal fur, no synthetic hair, unprocessed with toxic chemical
  • We ensure the only choice double drawn hair and fullest hair from the young girl, our hair is very smooth, shiny, soft
  • Controlling and monitoring all steps from collecting raw hair to producing closure hair extensions closely by the skilled workers
  • Hair material is easily bleached and dyed color
  • High quality with factory price
  • Our hair can last long from 2-3 years, depending on how to caring closure hair.

Lace closure ombre hair and fashion

Never out of the hair trend fashion

It is the lace closure hairstyles in the ombre style. Lace closure ombre hair is very convenient and easy to use. This hairstyle is a lot of professional hair salons and lovers of wigs or wigs choices. Ombre hair's unique combination of color and texture makes lace closure ombre hair never out of fashion. In addition, the colors can change and combine in a flexible way, diversifying the choice of customers.

This is one of the advances of hair fashion. Because the lace closure ombre variety of colors and styles so it should be suitable for all ages and users. Although customers in middle age are still young and active, or customers are male or female, can use this product with the design, the way to combine different colors and sizes.

The trend of using lace closure ombre hair in the future

The young, dynamic girl and the people who want to show their expressive personality are often the main customers using lace closure ombre hair. The trend of using this product in beauty increase day by day. Lace closure ombre hair appears to have been enthusiastically promoted and become the "darling" of modern girls.

Unlike ordinary dyed hair, lace closure ombre hair is quite strange, making you unable to take your eyes off. With a unique blend of colors, it creates a fancy color transition from light to dark, from dark to light to make a creative, ultra-feminine dye for girls. Instead of dying your usual hair color, try refreshing yourself with a trendy color combination that catches up with trendy hair dye trends!

Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair super high quality

Product and characteristics

No longer a natural color or dyed with a color, lace closure hair has now been transformed into an ombre dye. This offers a variety of unique colors and styles for Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair.

We produce Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair from 100% Vietnamese Remy hair. Vietnamese women have the traditional hair care tips so the hair is very long, soft, smooth and always has a natural aroma from herbs. The hair of Vietnamese women is a symbol of traditional beauty, which we maintain and develop into more modern and diversified hair products. Vietnamese lace closure ombre is one of the products that have traditionally because of the Vietnamese hair materials, with modern Western features by dyeing and styling.

Not only have these characteristics, to make the hair ombre lace closure products, we select the best coarse hair. Ombre lace closure is made from super double drawn or fullest hair. These are carefully selected strands of hair, not only to ensure that the hair is the same length, does not contain short hair, but also super smooth, strong. The front hair must be selected with the baby thin hair to make the hairline most natural possible. This will help the hair look like your real hair when walking out.

Why should you experience Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair in Hairvietnam.com?

Hairvietnam.com becomes the famous brand and the reliable address for all customers to give opportunities. Nowadays, our company can expand the market to the international market. With super high quality and the cheapest price, our Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair is a hair type many positive reactions from the customers. It’s quite hard to find any other hair supplier like Hairvietnam.com that can provide this hair type.

With Vietnamese lace closure ombre hair, we ensure that we always supply the best quality hair at the cheapest price. Our products made from 100% human hair, without toxic chemicals. The ingredients of colorants have clearly origin. Vietnamese women hair is very smooth, not tangled, no shedding. We always search for and collect Vietnamese hair in all regions of our country.

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Besides our big factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, we have a large showroom in Thailand. Our company has built a website for all customers can easily find information. You can contact us any time to make the order or visit our factory to understand more our products.