Top Quality Long Hair Full Bundle 100% Unprocessed Vietnamese Hair

Long hair full bundle with smooth and silky hair is the dream of many girls. Owning a beautiful hair is the big advantage for girls. But for others, if there any solution to this? That is a big reason explain for the high need and want about Vietnamese raw hair and hair extensions.


All of our hair products are of good quality. But fullest straight bulk hair – Vietnamese hair is always the favorite choice of salons and wholesalers, even though they are expensive. What's the reason? Let’s find out together.

Long Hair Full Bundle Origin and characteristics

The natural origin

The fullest straight bulk hair is collected from the healthy women in the countryside of Vietnam. Our collector team found out donors and cut hairs by hand carefully. After being cut off, these hairs undergo a meticulous selection and cleaning process. Our worker removed short hairs, weak hairs and cracked hairs. Then they used the natural shampoo to clean the hairs. Next, hairs are naturally dried.

The good characteristics

As you know, Vietnamese hair is one of the most beautiful hairs in the world. They are very smooth and strong because they are less vulnerable to chemicals (since women in the countryside use herbal shampoo to clean their hairs). And fullest straight bulk hairs 28 inches that are produced in our factory always meet the following criteria:

  • 100% Human hair
  • Uniform thickness from tip to top
  • Very smooth, strong, soft and silky
  • Never been colored, bleached
  • Clean, no nits, no lice, especial no shedding

Long hair Full Bundle - The high demand and Good Price

The demand of many consumers

Because of perfect quality, fullest straight bulk hairs are popular with many customers. Hence, salons and wholesaler prefer to use fullest straight bulk hair.

The good price

Fullest straight bulk hair is more expensive than other hair types because the price is commensurate with their quality. They have high quality so their price is high.

Moreover, with 20 years of effort and development, HairVN is a big hair manufacturer in Vietnam now. We commit to providing our customers with quality products at great prices.

You can receive a big discount when you buy hair with a large amount up to 5 kg. We published the price list for all hair types on the website. You can see and compare before ordering.

You can contact us via Gmail, Whatsapp, Zalo ... We are always ready to answer all your questions and assist you in the purchase.