The hot trend and beautiful colors for ombre hair fashion

Ombre hair is one of the most popular hair dye with a mix of colors to create a darker, darker color for the hair to add charm, personality and extravagant. However, this hairstyle is considered to be difficult to perform and prone to fading. Therefore, there are things you need to know and note to be able to choose the beautiful ombre hair colors. In this post, we will share some hot trend colors for ombre hair that are never out of fashion.


The hot trend colors for ombre hair fashion 2018

Smoke colored ombre hair

Ombre-colored hair dye is a combination of ombre dye and smoke-colored features such as smoky, smoky gray to create a variety of color hair. This is considered to be the hottest hair trend in autumn 2016 without any signs of cooling in the coming year.

Do not think this is the grandmother's hair that will grow old and lose natural beauty. With variations in the usual smoky or gray tones that are dyed in the top of the hair and the darker the shades of light, it makes you look attractive and stand out from the crowd. In order to create a highlight of your hair, you can also choose to mix fashionable tones such as purple or blue to balance your hair.

Green moss ombre hair

Green moss is the color of hair often chosen by the Korean stars to change their style because it helps to create new, youthful and personality in front of the fans without monotonous color. Moss mixed with hair dye ombre so it has become a fever in the artist, star, hot girl today.

Can mix this color with different tones make the highlight and impressive. You can choose light blue moss that is not too bright will help the face bright and radiant. Also, after a long time, when the hair fades a bit, it does not dry your hair fiber or lack of vitality.

Pink-dyed ombre hair

Pink-dyed pink hair is a new color-shading dye and attracts the viewer from other people. Therefore, if you love personality, prominence and new style, you can choose this style for yourself. However, pink ombre is only suitable for white girls with the small face, good looking by the prominence it will help your face more harmonious and balanced. This is one of the hottest colors for ombre hair that are never out of fashion.

Purple ombre hair

This is the color tone that many of the hair dye ombre favorites because it helps you bring different shades ranging from gentle, feminine to personality, prominent or mesmerizing, attractive. All of them are characteristic of hair dye purple ombre.

Red-colored ombre hair

Red tones help to brighten the skin and enhance the face. This red-colored ombre hairstyle is suitable for those who want to “cheat on” their age with this ultra-bright and beautiful dye.

Ombre hair blonde

Yellow tones are quite familiar when used in dyed ombre hair because it is suitable for a variety of hairstyles and skin colors that will help you create a beautiful, youthful and dynamic image for yourself. It belongs to the perfect colors for ombre hair, so do not miss this yellow!

Brown-colored ombre hair

Brown is also one of the best tones for you to choose for your ombre hair. Not too bright and prominent as other color tones. But brown is very attractive and that you can not ignore. This is one of the hot trend colors for ombre hair you should try.

Gray-colored ombre hair

Ombre dyed gray never goes out of style, regardless of whether you own any hairstyle, short hair, long hair. However, this hair color will help to lighten your skin but you should not choose too bright and highlight. Because it will cause your hair to grow longer and will reveal the color is not beautiful. And the hair loses its vitality.

Remember some tips to have a perfect ombre hair

 It may be necessary to remove the hair's color

This is a very important factor and decides whether you can have a beautiful, personalized and personalized ombre hair. You can refer to how to choose the color of hair dyed beautiful and appropriate to have more basic knowledge on choosing hair color dye yourself. Choosing the right color tone is the main reason for losing the natural beauty of hair. And this makes the hair susceptible to damage, hard to recover. This is especially true for ombre hair dyes. In order to create this dye-colored hairstyle, you will need to bleach your hair a lot.

So, you should go to the hair salon prestige to have the beautiful colors for ombre hair. The abuse of bleach to cleanse the natural color of hair will make hair more susceptible to color and damage to your scalp.

Must have strong hair 

To be able to have a beautiful and durable ombre dye you need to nurture and care for your hair and should not let your hair do any stretching. By dying your ombre hair will have to use a lot of chemicals that damage your hair structure. So without your strong hair, your hair will not be able to withstand these chemicals.

To own the highlight ombre and this hair color, you should spend some time each day to care for your hair more durable and strong.

Note the color combination

An ombre-colored hair is only beautiful when the colors are combined naturally, not too flashy. The best way is to choose a color tone and mix with a slightly lighter ratio than the color of the hair in the dye shade. The colorant dye will have a darker color in the image for healthy hairstyles, actually eating color and color. The combination of colors for ombre hair is really important.