4 simple steps to take care of your wigs always durable and beautiful

Nowadays, wigs become the beautiful fashion accessory for girls. You do not need to sit in the expensive hair salon for half a day to have a good hairstyle. With a wig, you can own a new look with beautiful wigs. But the wig is a "hard" accessory, needing a special care regimen. If not carefully preserving and taking care, the wig will not as beautiful as the original. So pay attention to the proper care of the wig to keep the smoothness. So now Hairvietnam.com will share to you how to take care of your wigs in 4 simple steps mentioned in this post.

4 simple steps to take care of your wigs 

Regular cleaning wigs

Cleaning wigs is really important to take care of your wigs. Wigs contact with the scalp should cause more sweat, and if you do not clean your wig regularly, the bacteria will affect the scalp when you use it. Washing with the normal shampoo after using the wigs 2-3 times per week to clean the hair. But note that the wigs are not similar real hair, so there are special ways to clean it following:

  • Put the shampoo in the water pot and diluting
  • Put the wig into the pot for about 5 to 10 minutes (just soak it with your fingers, because it will mess up your hair).
  • After soaking your hair with shampoo, rinse with water.
  • Continue to drain the water into the diluted pots. Soak your hair with shampoo and rinse with water.
  • Then, the hair is soft and softly absorb water (do not use your hands to rub the hair).
  • When the hair is drenched, brush the hair and hang it on the drying rack to dry naturally without using a dryer or drying in the sun.
  • When the hair is dry, about 70% - 80%, comb your wig with a thin comb and spray with water, leaving the hair dry naturally. Thus, completed the proper wig sanitation.

Brush your wigs

Keeping the wig always smooth and without loss, combing the hair is very important. Currently, the wigs are made from two types of material: artificial hair (English name: Kanekalon) and nylon fiber (English name: Toyokalon). Kanekalon's artificial silk has a 99% physical appearance and texture, so hair samples with this material are more popular. But the biggest disadvantage of artificial hair is that it is easy to tangle, so you need to pay attention to combing the wigs.

Another high-quality wigs made from 100% human hair. This is the type that you should use because human hair is easy to take care for and safe. The wigs made from human hair give you a beautiful natural hair. No one will know you are using a wig!

First, spray the hair conditional solution for the wig, divide the hair into small parts. Bushing the wig from the bottom up to limit tangled hair and lumps. Spray more into the tangled parts to easily troubleshoot, make hair more smooth. It's necessary to take care of your wigs.

With curly hairstyle, comb the upper part and the curly part with the hands clockwise slightly squeeze on to keep the curls from popping out.

Protect the wig

Taking care of wig will not be as difficult as you think if you know how to take care of your wigs properly. The wig has a different texture than the real hair, so be sure to protect your wig whenever you go out. When walking on the road, or riding a motorcycle, you should put your wig in front of your chest to curb the wind and avoid making your hair dry.

In particular, do not let your wig contact to rain or exposure to the sun if you do not want your silky wig to become dry, tangled, unnatural. So, if it's sunny, you put the wig in your hat to ensure the safety of your wig.

Preserving your wig after each using

A wig can be used from 6 months to 1 year but if you take care of the wigs carefully. In the right way of preserving, you can keep it for 2 to 3 years. After each using, in addition to hair cleaning should also pay attention to how to preserve the wig.

After using, spray the hair conditioner for the wig. Comb your wig, wrap the tail in the hair, wrap it with a net and store it in a nylon bag. To keep a wig in order, it is advisable not to hang the hair outside. Wrapping your wig in the bag, forcing the air out because the wig comes in contact with the air. Which also causes your wig to dry out, hard, easily tangled.

The benefit of wigs

Changing your hairstyle quickly and conveniently

If you have long hair and want to have shorter hair, but you do not want to cut your hair, you can use a wig. In contrast, if you like the gentle style with long hair. But waiting for your real hair longer take a long time. So you also can use a wig. And it can help you have long hair pretty soon. Changing your hairstyle, hair color is quicker and more convenient than ever with just one wig you choose.

Protect your hair from the chemistry impact

With a full wig then you do not need dyeing, stretching, bending, pressing,... that will damage your real hair and scalp. You just pick your hairstyle and then team up to have a beautiful hair always dreamed of. You do not have to go to expensive hairdressing salons to spend half a day styling your hair. Wigs can help protect your hair from the effects of harmful hair chemicals and save you time and money.

Temporary solution for your damaged hair

For dyeing, bending, stretching, too many times to do hair or environmental pollution, habits of living and many other reasons that your hair is damaged, not beautiful.

Suppose one day you need to attend an important event such as a party, anniversaries, travel, ... and you want to have beautiful hair to be more confident. But your current hair is being damaged by too much styling. In this case, the wig is your savior.

It is easy to see that a wig is a very useful accessory for every girl. Therefore, carefully take care of your wigs is essential. Taking care of your wig carefully as your real hair. From there, you can get full advantage of the wig brings for you!