18 Inches Vietnamese Straight Thin Hair

Vietnamese straight thin hair is the best choice for all of resellers and wholesalers. Always leading the way in researching and updating the most modern hair samples, Hair Viet Nam is always understanding the needs and wants of customers and striving to meet the highest demands of customers. So we searched and launched a new drawn hair. It is 18 inches Vietnamese straight thin hair.


Vietnamese straight thin hair the best quality

Straight Thin hair with the essence of 100% human hair

To deserve the trust of customers, Hair Viet Nam has developed a team of collectors to buy real hair from the young volunteers who have aged 8-15 years. Their hairs are smooth, straight, shiny and no lice. After that, the hair is brought back to the factory for selection and cleaning to form the best thin hair. Because of making from 100 % human hair, the hairstyle always looks like strong, freely tangle. So you can easily restyle, bleach or dye into any color.

Straight thin hair is easily preserved.

If the nylon hair is difficult to use and preserve, baby hair is opposite. Nylon hair gives the feeling of drying and tangle. The tail nylon hair is not fly and smooth. It is worth noting that because of making from nylon, Nylon hair will be tangle if they are sprayed with the water.

In addition, hairstyles will deform if you use heat. In contrast to nylon hair, you can wash thin hair once or twice a week. Let imagine! What kind of hair would your customers prefer? Nylon hair with more convenient to use or Vietnamese thin hair (baby hair) can be washed in the water, easy to make hairstyles?

Straight thin hair keys to run a business effectively

Combine straight thin hair with other types to create wigs

Beauty is an indispensable and fundamental criterion for assessing the quality of life, especially for women who consider "beautiful women" in society. About owning a too short hair, bald head, and less hair, It will be a cause of many women that to be not confident with opposite sex.

Originally, they will think about a lot of products that stimulate hair growth. Along with that, to be beautiful quickly they will find the hair extensions as a salvation for themselves. Baby hair with a lot of advantage will be the first choice for them.

According to statistics, for every 10 women, there are 6 people who want to Vietnamese straight baby hair is a part their wig. There are many reasons to lead those results. But one in that is Vietnamese hair have a good quality and low price.

Vietnam straight thin hair - the good price in the market

First of all, the main reason we have such competitive prices is that we have our collector stretches from North to South Vietnam. They will go to each house to find the best hair. As you know, in Vietnam, the demand for buying and selling wigs is not high. Therefore, we can easily buy cheap hair from volunteers.

Especially, we have a big factory in Bac Ninh. Bac Ninh is a priority for Vietnam to develop the light industry. In Bac Ninh, there is a lot of cheap labor. From Noi Bai port to Bac Ninh is about 30km. It is easy to transport hair type. So we can save a lot of money on factory operation.

Besides that, our customer service is very good. We encourage customers to come to Vietnam to find out the product. We will take care all of our customers when they come to Vietnam. These are a reason why we have many customers that are the reseller, hair salon, and wholesale. Let give us your inquiry, we are always ready to serve you.